Savor the Flavor

Savor tradition, pride and luxury with every bite of Spindler's Austrian Butter Cookies.  Using a century's old Austrian recipe and only the finest, highest quality ingredients, our Butter Cookies have a unique crispness and refined richness that will simply melt in your mouth.  Our delicious Butter Cookies can be enjoyed as an after dinner delight, a coffee time treat, or any time you desire a gourmet indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

"Where Quality Is Not A Thing Of The Past"
For specialty food consumers who are seeking a unique, high quality cookie, Spindler's Gourmet Butter Cookies are a premium cookie that tastes bakery fresh and does not compromise on quality. Unlike typical packaged cookies, our product strictly adheres to a century old Austrian recipe using only the finest ingredients.

Have You Tasted A Good Cookie Lately?